Pastime: Why Yoyo?

Are you looking for something to teach, to learn together and/or to enjoy with your kids, nephews and nieces that is not related with technology? Most of the stuff people give to kids and teenagers today are of the hand-held type. One drawback is that they tend to decrease socialization and physical activity.

If you are more of the old-school type yet want something with modern flair, you will find joy in mastering yoyo. The conventional 1A yoyo may seem like a child’s play to you but wait until you get your hands on a 5a yoyo and you will realize how challenging it could be to perfect the tricks using a yoyo with a counterweight instead of attaching it to your finger.

Yes, there may be some “occupational risks” that learning to play the 5A yoyo entails like getting hit with the toy. However, this is a good toy for your kids and teens because…

  • Yoyos are not as expensive as other toys and gadgets are. You can buy a conventional wooden yoyo for as low as four dollars. Meanwhile, the more advanced 5A yoyo can be bought at more or less fifty dollars.
  • You are not exposed to radiation when you are playing yoyo.
  • Mastering the yoyo tricks promote physical activity. It teaches you values like patience, perseverance. It improves your strategy and coordination as well.
  • Practicing yoyo allows you to interact with other people, especially with fellow yoyo enthusiasts.
  • This is an activity that people at all ages and genders could enjoy together.

More than being just a game or pastime, many people have been able to compete professionally in contests around the world. You may also find a career in it, whether it is 1A or 5A yoyo that you master to handle.