Different Types Of Technologies From Touch Screen Manufacturer

The keyboard is indeed one of the indispensable parts of a lot of electronic devices. However, it is no longer the most popular way that we are able to communicate with the people we love, touch screens are the way to go nowadays. With swipe, finger press and pinching motions, we are able to navigate our photo galleries, browse the internet, go to maps, and more. This technology from touch screen manufacturer has indeed made technology improve to the way it is now. Here are some of the touch screen technology that they are proud of.

5-wire touch

One of the most common type of touch technology out is a resistive 5-wire touch screen that is consisted by a film screen that is covered with a glass panel. When you your fingers with the screen, a current is generated and that tells the device where the contact point has been made. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it can be operated by a lot of things such as your hand, a pencil, stylus or even a glove covered hand. All that is needed would be the precise pressure onto the skin.

Surface capacitive

This is another common technology that consists of a glass panel. This one has a transparent electrode that is beneath the protective screen of the phone. It is normally activated by the naked skin so it can only be operated with the human finger or an electric charged type of stylus. The screen would boast durability and has resistance to scratches.

Projective capacitive

This one is advantageous with the fact that it can only be activated with a bare finger or when you are wearing gloves that are very thin. It has a transparent electrode film that is embedded using a sheet of glass as well.