Double glazing is one great thing that you should consider for your home. This is an excellent solution if you want to keep your home insulated and if you want to minimize the noise. For years, double glazing windows are being installed to many houses and still a lot of people want it on their houses. Double glazing is composed of two layers of glass that is placed in a window frame. There is a vacuum between the glasses so that heat will not be transferred.

How is it built?

The glass used for double glazing has thermal and acoustic properties that allow insulation. Generally, it is 4mm thick and it can be clear or tinted depending on its function. The two glasses are separated by spacer. It is usually made of non-conductive material like foam on Canterbury double glazing. To build double-glazed windows, you need to check the requirement of the space and you can customize the size so it can fit. Once size is known, the panes are created and the spacers are cut to fit the correct size. The glass panes are cleaned first by a special fluid so that the surface stays clear. Once cleaned, adhesive is applied to spacers and glasses are attached to it. Silicon adhesive is used to seal the outside edges of the panel.

Why should you have it installed?

Having double-glazed windows is really an effective insulator and noise absorber. It can also add value to your property. Having this installed can give you an assurance that it will last for many years because this glass was tested to last for about 25 years. You just have to take care of it really well.

If you want to have one installed, just contact the best installation company in Canterbury and you will not regret having one.